Are all marketers liars? Sweet Sarah.

Seth Godin sold a fair number of books with the title, All Marketers Are Liars.

And these days, that’s just scratching the surface.

It seems no matter which way you turn, there’s no shortage of nefarious types willing to prey on good-natured — and often hapless — entrepreneurs trying to make it in this cut-throat world of business.

Just today, I got two calls from a bubbly little ball of goodness named “Sarah” with Webatronics. [Read more…]

Interview With Former Ogilvy & Mather CEO, Ken Roman

In February of 2010, (Yes, years ago but it was a great interview!) I had the chance to chat with author and former Ogilvy & Mather CEO, Ken Roman, at the invitation of my friend, Byrne Hobart. (I’m reposting with some edits in March of 2016.)

What did we talk about?

Byrne and I, of course, grilled him on his latest book, The King of Madison Avenue: David Ogilvy and the Making of Modern Advertising.

Like a typical, turbo-charged CEO, Ken called into the conference line from the back of a yellow cab cruising through the snow covered streets of Manhattan.

This is a book that tells the rest of the story about David Ogilvy, the most famous advertising man in the world, from someone who worked shoulder-to-shoulder with him for decades.

More than just a book about Ogilvy, The King of Madison Avenue reveals the evolution of modern direct response advertising in the 20th Century. [Read more…]

Strange Ads That Sell

Have you ever noticed an ad in a newspaper or magazine and thought to yourself: “Who’d be crazy enough to pay for such an insertion?”

Then you see the same ad again and raise your eyebrows.

By the tenth time you come across the ad, you may not only question your judgement but your sanity.

And so it is with Raja Fashions, whose ad has run in major metro newspapers on four continents for over ten years.

Raja Daswani, the founder of Raja Fashions, describes his operation as “Italian fabrics, German machines, English tailoring and Chinese labor.” Others have labeled it the “traveling circus of bespoke tailoring.” [Read more…]