Who Else Reads Info Marketing Blog?

“I think the work you’re doing is fantastic. Your blog alone is better than most info products.”

Karl Blanks Ph.D.
London, England

“I’m gaga over the site.”

Mark Joyner
“The Godfather of Internet Marketing”

“Albert Einstein observed that example isn’t another way to teach; it is the only way to teach. The best source of examples is Lawrence Bernstein, who puts an endless parade of good ones on www.infomarketingblog.com. If you want to learn what it really takes to sell – well, every single thing he shows has a lesson. I got two ideas this morning for something I am working on, which is actually a get-rich-slowly-but-surely educational service for marketers.”

From DM Weekly (July 2008)

Drayton Bird
London, England

Hi Lawrence,

We’ve never met in person (or at least I don’t THINK we have) but I hope to one day soon.

I just wanted to drop a quick line and tell you how much I enjoy your blog… and how much value I get from it.

People don’t seem to value anything they get free… but that would be a stupid mistake to make with your blog. You give a way a million dollar+ direct marketing education.

I appreciate all the time and effort you invest in your blog.

All the best,

Dan Gallapoo

“I never fail to be inspired with new ideas when browsing through Lawrence’s collection of ads.” (comment on the Ultimate Online Swipe File)

Gary Bencivenga
World’s Winningest Copywriter

Hands down, you’ve got one of the most enviable and useful marketing blogs on the ‘net. Brilliant examples, great commentary. This one just gave me an idea for a newsletter we’re about to launch that I think will hit large. I don’t know where you find this stuff, but I’m glad you do. Just so you know, I intend to talk up your site in my next issue of the Copywriter’s Roundtable. Terrific, generous stuff.

John Forde