Want To Lose Body Fat? (by Blackett Pharmacal)

Red Weight Loss Adjunct Blacket Pharmacal

Here’s an interesting ad from my favorite supermarket reading, “The National Enquirer.”

This is a new ad for the weight loss product/diet pill called the Red Weight Loss Adjunct by Blackett Pharmacal. Time will tell how well it performs at its hefty $59.99 for 30 days price point.

I felt a scientific citation or two would bolster the product claim. Then again, passing the legal hurdle in the diet pill market is something I know nothing about. I do like this is a product for “losing body fat” verses a mere “weight loss” product.


  1. Emma Goodwin says


    i was just wondering where abouts in Brisbane can you buy these pills from?


  2. Jones says

    I have looked all over, and I still can’t find anything on the product ‘Red’ by Blackett Pharmacal. Could someone please help me out?

  3. Anonymous says

    I have about six unopened bottles and can’t take them because I think the stimulants make me feel uptight. If you want them I will sell them to you for 20 dollars a bottle, they go fo 60.

  4. Tonya Davis says

    I have been searching the net all evening and cant get the website to pull up what is up with this- i really like those pills they did help me to lose some fatloss and would like to get more

  5. tonya says

    ok so i am replying to this i would like to order more of these but cant get to the website- i took them last year and they did work for me so i would like to order more

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