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“My subscription to Financial Swipes has been invaluable.” (Ryan Healy)

From: Lawrence Bernstein
Tucson, Arizona, USA (98° F)
Saturday 12:32 pm

Dear Copy Friend,

How much easier would writing copy be with an endless stream of money-making ideas from control package copy… right at your fingertips?

Start by imagining the following.

  • Imagine short-cutting your way to sales letters that sell in virtually any financial niche.
  • Imagine holding the road maps for selling everything from $49 investment newsletters… to $500 futures home study courses… to $20,000 trading software packages.
  • Imagine eliminating the roadblocks that plague even the best and ablest financial copywriters.
  • Imagine demolishing deadlines with the copywriting speed of hundreds of categorized controls… just a mouse click away.
  • Imagine doubling… or tripling the number of members at your membership sites… with the power of proven direct mail copy and marketing.
  • Imagine boosting your response rates… bumping your stick rates… and smashing control packages.
  • Imagine having a vast midnight resource that gets the copy flowing… lifts response… makes your clients giddy… and keeps the projects coming.

The ultimate money making “search engine”
of financial advertising that sells

The NEW and hugely expanded Million Dollar Financial Swipes are based on a simple idea.

It’s this.

“One winner is worth 100 times more than 10 textbooks of theory.”

The kernel for your next winning ad is right here. So, whether you’re looking for a dynamite lead gen piece from the Times Of London… the hottest newsletter promos hitting mailboxes all across America… or yesteryear’s options trading magalog that’s waiting to be repurposed… it’s only a search away.

The Million Dollar Financial Swipes cost over a million dollars (a REAL million — hint: I’m not the world’s winningest trader — explained beneath) to assemble and are guaranteed to give you more ideas… more speed… and more breakthroughs… whether it’s midnight or mid-morning.

And they’re compiled by me, the man copywriting legend, Gary Bencivenga, donned “the world’s greatest direct response researcher.”

I’ve written and consulted in over a dozen industries via direct mail, print, web and tv.

But at the core, I’m an in the trenches copywriter who’s endured his share of lonely, late nights in front of the blank screen. I know the stress of going up against top talent with tight deadlines looming.

And I know the added pressure of trying to to pull it off in the unforgiving investment and financial arenas where today’s winning promo can be ludicrously out of date in a matter of weeks.

Why financial copywriting is challenging
like no other market

The biggest financial direct response players have large staffs of researchers and writers… and are armed with vast archives of direct mail going back decades.

The volume of direct mail pieces they send out each year can run into the tens of millions.

Big mailers like these not only subscribe to everything their competitors send out but also utilize the ideas from the winners of five and ten years ago that have circled back to present.

The big mailers have every conceivable advantage… which only seem to increase over time.

It’s a stark reality for the rest of us because creating consistently winning financial promotions is downright difficult for the little guy… or the outsider… but not for the reasons you may think

The language of money and finance has a steep learning curve. Terms like puts, calls, volatility index, and CDOs can be daunting at first.

But that’s surmountable with patience and time.

Then there’s the overwhelm of synthesizing news, trends, market moves and the meaning of the latest “fiscal cliff” news or sovereign debt crisis.

But that’s not really the sticking point.

The real problem is understanding the motivations and mindsets of the myriad of respondents in the financial markets.

To the outsider looking in, financial advertising looks like a collection of charts and claims with a few quotes from the Wall Street Journal thrown in for good measure.

But if you aspire to a higher level of revenue and response as a financial writer or marketer, you need to understand the…

  • Biz-op like mentality of the penny stock chaser
  • “Safety first” mindset of the Treasuries investor
  • Colossal greed of the trader wishing to turn $25 thousand into $25 million
  • Gold bug-survivalist preparing for the “post-apocalypse”
  • Retiree with money who can’t resist the allure of something that’s free
  • Dividend investor dreaming of a bigger mailbox to hold her growing number of distribution checks
  • Options trader scouting for the latest advisory to guide him to successful trades
  • Investment newsletter subscriber waiting for the discovery of “the next Google”

And these are just a fraction of the types of respondents in the financial markets. You’ve also got traders and investors who are faithful to any one of dozens of different sectors… or countries for that matter.

The important thing to remember — that most novice marketers get wrong is…

What drives financial markets respondents isn’t money itself… but devotion to
their particular money “channel”

Do you know what to say… and how to say it to…

  • the retiree looking for bigger returns but terrified of risk?
  • the novice options trader who’s just discovered his “greed glands?”
  • the crisis investor ready for social chaos to break out?
  • the dividend investor searching for near perfect safety?

These respondents are as different as night and day. And the marketers and writers who treat them with a one-size-fits-all approach leave vast sums on the table.

Here’s why.

Most penny stock pitchmen can’t write a mainstream investment newsletter promo to save their lives any more than the average newsletter publisher can “talk the talk” of traders. Similarly, the slightest hint of speculation or risk will spook the fixed income investor before she turns the page — unless you know the secret to soothing her.

There’s a staggering number of mine fields to avoid if you want a crack at a winner.

That’s why knowing who you’re talking to in the financial markets is just as important as what you say… and how you say it.

To be successful, you have to know:

The right leads, set-ups and appeals
that will get to the credit card
in your customer’s wallet…

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done since the target is constantly moving and it’s more cutthroat than ever to reach the top… as well as stay there.

Last summer, one of the largest and most respected financial publishers sacked nearly two dozen staff. This was a company everyone once looked up to, and their survival is still at stake.

It’s proof that even the biggest and the best can succumb to stagnation without a constant stream of top flight ideas and inspiration.

But as testing as financial marketing is to consistently excel in, the truth is you don’t need an MBA or PhD in economics to write compelling promos that get customers to reach into their wallets.

What you do need are time, patience and a constant flow of controls to model.

As the legendary adman, Robert Collier, once said: “no one knows a winner until it mails.”

The big takeaway from Collier’s quote you can bank again and again is this.

“You’ll learn more from one winning ad than you would from a thousand pages of theory.”

The right leads, set-ups and appeals that will get to the credit card in your customer’s wallet are a click away.


Cornering the silver market…
and the new ‘secret weapon’ for financial marketers

Before he and his brother bought up more than half of the world’s deliverable silver in an audacious attempt to corner the market, billionaire oilman, Bunker Hunt, was once asked: “what are you worth?”

His answer was illuminating: “if I knew what I was worth, then I wouldn’t be worth much.”

By the same token, the term “million dollar blank” gets tossed around a lot.

And while I don’t know exactly what I’ve invested, I know this much — I’ve laid out at least a million to collect these promos. More importantly to you, they could easily be worth millions to your business if you do any volume of financial marketing.

Just how was this archive compiled?

Through extensive trading (and I’ve got the wash sale record and the lumps to prove it), as well as the purchase of countless newsletters, software, courses, advisories and alerts services. Add to that my sources far and wide in direct response and the Million Dollar Financial Swipes equal an advertising collection that will supercharge every financial promo you churn out.

“Just think… how many $20,000 pieces of trading software or $10,000 investment advisories do you need to sell to get to $10 million… $5 million… or a modest $1 million?”

Yes, the Million Dollar Financial Swipes will help you to THINK BIGGER, as well as market better.

And though highly valuable in itself, you’re not just getting some static collection of ads but a renowned “cornerman” of direct response… and your new secret weapon — me.

And now I want to share my breakthrough ideas and insights with you that will help you gain more response… more customers… and more revenue… from financial advertising that sells multiples more.

Best of all…

You’re no longer alone… and never lost for an idea…
with a hundred ad geniuses standing behind you

Ours is a lonely business that puts us through countless midnight trials by fire.

I don’t know about you, but it’s in these moments, when I’m alone in my “copy cave”… running on empty… and fighting the temptation to get on Facebook or Twitter for a few minutes (that almost always turn into an hour)… that I need a jolt of inspiration.

And, one of the best ways to get in the zone… and unleash your own genius… is to read a great ad. And, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a polished direct mail control or a gritty boiler room promotion.

As the ideas begin to work their way into your copywriting consciousness, they’ll spark the confidence and conviction you need to churn out top flight copy.

It’s like having a copywriting confidant pull up a chair next to you and help you develop a great lead for your piece… or hand you a masterful proof element… or massage the rough passages of your promo to smoothness.

100s of DM pieces like this (26.6 megabytes, 20-page PDF)

Here’s what happens when you log into the Million Dollar Financial Swipes.

You’ve got over two dozen categories and hundreds of keywords to help you find what you need fast.

So, whether you need ad copy about the role of State Owned Enterprises in China… or the long-term profits that life changing nanotechnology will bring… or the gory details about the next devastating financial meltdown… it’s only a search away.

And the biggest advantage of all?

No matter what you’re working on, you’re never starting from “square one” because you now have the power of decades of direct mail experience and the ads resulting from millions of dollars in direct mail tests… all at your fingertips.

What’s worked? What’s bombed? What’s mailed again and again? And, who else has swiped it?

You’re now a financial marketing insider.

You get the PDF files, including the envelope with teaser copy, the full sales letter, order form, lift letter and reply envelope.

But that’s not all.

Despite rumors to the contrary, print is not yet dead! Besides the treasure trove of direct mail, The Million Dollar Financial Swipes include bountiful examples of winners in print from sources as vast as Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, The New York Times and many more.

“You’ve now got the same fire power as some of the biggest mailers and most formidable financial copywriters in the world… with an archive of the best promos just a keystroke away.”

It’s the greatest “financial marketing IPO”
but not everyone gets in

By now, you’ve probably surmised this is not a dabbler’s resource.

While the Million Dollar Financial Swipes are intended for veteran financial copywriters and marketers, even if you didn’t yet know the difference between a put option and a call option, in 60 days or less, you’d be a financial copywriting force to be reckoned with. That’s how confident I am in it.

But just like an actual IPO, not everyone gets in.

Because above all, it’s for marketers and copywriters who understand the value of a control.

So, if you’re anything other than a brutally serious marketer or copywriter, I don’t intend for this to be part of “your collection.”

For this reason, it’s not an instant access product.

I’ve invested too much time and money to see my archives, insights and ideas pilfered and republished on a file sharing site. This is a bounty I’m protecting like Fort Knox and therefore, your membership will take 24 hours to activate, once I’ve verified you’re a customer in good standing.

“Beaten A-list, world-class copywriting and design competition – 4 straight times.”

“I saw you on the Gary Bencivenga retirement DVDs that I purchased. Great publicity for you.

I have to tell you, combining Gary’s wisdom with your swipe files is a lethal weapon.
Confidentially, because I’m not a braggart (in fact, you’re the first person I’ve told this to), my design partner and I have beaten A-list, world-class copywriting and design competition – 4 straight times. That’s how much I’ve benefited from–and appreciate – your material.”

Rich Silver
Crow Moon Marketing


“My subscription to Financial Swipes has been invaluable.”

“I’ve been writing sales letters for some of the biggest financial publishers in the world, and my subscription to Financial Swipes has been invaluable. I personally use it to see what ideas have been used in the past… what phrases are important to different segments of the market… and to generate new “big ideas” to use in new promotions I’m writing. If you write copy for the investing and stock trading markets, I highly recommend Financial Swipes.”

Ryan Healy
Freelance Copywriter

“Made a difference in my career.”

“Just keep on doing what you’re doing. Your site has helped me tons! It’s made a difference in my career.”

(Email extract from a financial copywriter on 1/18/13. I’m awaiting permission to use his name.)

“What it really takes to sell.”

If you want to learn what it really takes to sell – well, every single thing he shows has a lesson. I got two ideas this morning for something I am working on, which is actually a get-rich-slowly-but-surely educational service for marketers.”

Drayton Bird
Direct marketing legend

“Lawrence is the world’s greatest direct response ad researcher…
and one heckuva copywriter.”

Gary Bencivenga
Copy legend

“…I think will hit large.”

Brilliant examples, great commentary. This one just gave me an idea for a newsletter we’re about to launch that I think will hit large. I don’t know where you find this stuff, but I’m glad you do. Just so you know, I intend to talk up your site in my next issue of the Copywriter’s Roundtable. Terrific, generous stuff.

John Forde
A-List copywriter, author (and Parisian)

“$20,000 in just two weeks.”

Your manual has been instrumental in me writing an ad that generated over $20,000 in just two weeks, so cudos to you Lawrence.”

Dr. Ivan Carney, Temecula, CA


“If Lawrence has got a product for sale, you should get it!”

Marty Edelson
Founder of Boardroom Inc.



Claim your FedEx bonus package… before it’s snapped up

You’ve got the ultimate money making “search engine”of winning financial advertising in the Million Dollar Financial Swipes.

One of its biggest benefits is that it’s paperless.

But some things were meant to be published in good ol’ paper and ink. And this is one that may spark some of your biggest money making ideas this year.

“The Ultimate Financial & Real Estate Control Collection”

This massive, tabloid-sized, 202-page publication may barely fit on your desk.

Once you get your hands on this winning stash of print ad controls, don’t blame me if you’re unable to get a lick of work done because you can’t put it down!

But even so, the blockbuster ideas you’ll cull from it will repay in spades.

Financial and real estate speculation go hand-in-hand… but there’s no speculation about the success of these ads.

These aren’t “one off” insertions but controls which were published again and again.

As you flip through “The Ultimate Financial & Real Estate Control Collection,” you’ll be flush with winning real estate ads in the following areas:

  • Real estate investment courses and books
  • Nothing-down investing
  • Land advertising
  • Real estate seminars and workshops
  • Residential real estate
  • Real estate investment trusts
  • And more…

And there’s never been a collection of winning financial print advertising like this before. Here are some of the categories inside:

  • Investment newsletters
  • Bank advertising (real DR ads)
  • Mutual funds
  • Stock trading advisories
  • Trading and investment seminars
  • Gold and precious metals
  • And…more
As I write this, there’s an order for 25 of these giant tomes at the printer. Since many subscribers have been waiting for the next “open window,” these will be snapped up faster than you’d think. This print ad control collection alone would be worth the entry fee.

Here’s a comment from a “heavy-hitter” in the real estate investment market, sent on 4/30/13.

“Got the package last week.


Also, GREATLY, appreciate the fact that you blew up the examples and published them in a Tabloid format.

Not everyone would go to the expense of doing that, but its the BEST way to see these examples.”


The rare “sure thing” that requires only one thing… ACTION!

Fortunes have been lost… companies destroyed… and economies wrecked in pursuit of the sure thing.

And, you’d have good grounds for saying: “it doesn’t exist.”

But THERE IS a sure thing for us financial marketers… and we’re standing right in the midst of it.

Traders will always trade… investors will always invest… and newsletter subscribers will always subscribe.

And, whether the markets go up, down, sideways (or even collapse) there will always be opportunities for financial advertisers to sell products and services. The question is: will it be you and your clients… or your competitors and theirs who claim the lion’s share?

So, just think… what’s one good ad worth to you?

Now take that good ad and turn it into a control.

Now, what’s it worth?

Now, turn it into a blockbuster…. what’s it worth to you and your business (or your clients) now?

Considering the exponential response boosting power at your fingertips… wouldn’t $10,000 be a bargain with modest implementation?

But you won’t have to invest that.

How bout $5,000?

You won’t pay that either.

$2,000? Not even.

While the clock is still running, you can secure your Membership in the Million Dollar Financial Swipes for a sizable savings.

In the words of Sun Tzu: “Every battle is won before it is ever fought.”

You’ll win far more with the Million Dollar Financial Swipes.

Yours for bolder financial advertising ideas,


P.S. You’ve now got the road maps for selling everything from $49 investment newsletters… to $500 options home study courses… to $20,000 trading software packages.

How many do you need to sell to get to $10 million… $5 million… or a modest $1 million?

P.P.S. This may be the greatest financial marketing “IPO” you’ll ever see… but just as in financial markets… you must act fast. Claim your steeply discounted membership and FedEx premium package before the clock expires.