TriAdalean Ad: Controversial “Diet Pill” Hits Market Consumers Excited… Experts Concerned!

This full pager for the diet pill, TriAdalean, targeting women and weight loss is making the rounds in the USA Weekend, the National Enquirer, The Globe and Parade.

“If you’re having a hard time finding a box of TriAdalean diet pills at your local CVS or GNC, you’re not alone.

This controversial, high-powered diet pill is selling out even before it hits the shelf. Some waiting lists are more than two weeks long with women outnumbering men by about twenty to one.”

There’s an interesting interjection of the hidden benefit, extra energy, as “legalized speed,” from the voice of a critic.

“This stuff is nothing more than legalized speed… I would venture to say that just as many women use them as energy boosters and mood enhancers as those who use them to lose weight,” said one critic who wished to remain anonymous.

$79 for a 30 day supply. There’s a toll-free number for ordering but this is primarily about print pushing retail.


  1. Felicia says

    I b ought the TriAdalean yesterday but is a little skeptical about using it. I would like to know if it’s same to use. Also was wondering if it makes you nervous & hiper. Please give me a little fedback on how it have effected other consumers. Thank you in advance

  2. jon says

    Ive been using triadalean for some time the first couple doses of it made me hyper but i did loose 50lbs on it over a month and a half it is a great diet suplement as long as you follow the dseage recomendations b

  3. malinda zarate says

    I bought them yesterday I took 2 in the car and felt a little boost nothing dramatic.. and today I’ve taken 4 and about the same they don’t really curve my appite so I don’t know about it yet

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