Tough Times Don’t Last…Tough People Do!

Great Depression AdHere’s an ad written by advertising legend and modern day Renaissance man, Bruce Barton, almost 79 years ago.

The headline: “Panics Are Only Growing Pains!”

Subhead: “Some of America’s biggest fortunes were founded in Hard Times. Will you reap the reward of your foresight when the Depression is over?”

The ad was written for one of Barton’s flagship clients, The Alexander Hamilton School, the then preeminent self-improvement organization.

What’s not to like about this ad?

Barton’s solution for getting through the Depression of the 1930’s is just as valid for the Recession of 2009 (and likely beyond). The solution is found by pondering the question, “will you reap the reward of your foresight when the Depression is over?”

Since “foresight” can only be fostered in a climate of opportunistic thinking, it means turning off the bombardment of negativity that pervades the airwaves, news sites and water cooler chit-chat. Moreover, it means having the courage to stand alone and pursue your own course while most everyone else around has his head in the sand…or is cursing the times.

Because let’s face it.

There’ll be plenty more bank, auto and insurance bailouts to come. Undoubtedly, there’ll be other industries appearing from out of the blue and crowding in line behind them.

We can also count on more fraud meisters the likes of Bernie Madoff and Sir Allen Stanford being uncovered, now that their credit spigots have been turned off.

And there’ll be some new gremlins pounding on the wings of the aircraft.

But when a clear headed marketer or entrepreneur asks…”what’s this have to do with me?”

He realizes…

It’s still a GREAT time to be in business.

  • When else in history could someone test an idea on a shoestring and roll out through the world’s cheapest printing press hooked up to the world’s cheapest post office?
  • When else could you outsource a world wide shipping operation with laser accurate tracking, once you’ve validated your idea?
  • And when else could a one man or woman marketing department, with a good idea and the right hook, create an overnight buzz that catapults him or her to fame?

So, how will you reap the reward of your foresight when the recession is over?

Remember this.

Tough times don’t last…tough people do!

Panics Are Only Growing Pains by Bruce Barton (171 KB PDF)


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    Well Said Lawrence!

    As usual, your perspective is enlightening, optomistic and opportunistic! Love your blog – thanks for the ad, your hard work and keep the FANTASTIC content coming!

    Thanks Again –

  2. says

    Hey Lawrence, thanks for another great article…well for tough times and tough people I really do love the no pain, no gain daily treatment…it seems to fit in any situation.

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    You are a resource like no other!

    I trust you!

    I will buy from you.

    Hi to all my mates who read this fantastic resource.

    From the marketing pirate over the pond.

    Tony Gedge

  4. admin says

    Tony, thanks.

    Though staying above ground is the direct marketer’s #1 success rule, I’d be proud to have that as my epitaph!

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