Harvey Brody’s: ‘Toll Postion Secrets’ Report

The following 36 page PDF is the transcript of a talk given by Harvey Brody before a group of fledgling entrepreneurs, three years ago.

It is reproduced with Mr. Brody’s permission and is Copyright © 2006, by Harvey Brody. All rights reserved.

Who is Harvey Brody and why should you download and read his report?

Harvey Brody, now in his 70’s, is an entrepreneur, patent developer and marketer who is an exponent of the Toll Position Concept.

It’s not a coincidence that many of the acknowledged legends of direct response marketing and information marketing attended his seminars in the 1970’s. People like Gary Halbert, Ben Suarez , Joe Karbo, Joe Sugarman, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Bud Weckesser and Jerry Buchanan.

What’s the toll position concept?

Here’s an excerpt from his talk that paints the picture:

…it was precisely at that time that I came up with what I called the “Toll-Position” concept, which relates to the fact that a person can own, or in some cases a person can merely control in an ongoing manner, but not actually own, a product or a concept that will enable that person to continuously earn an enormous amount of cash money, day after day, year after year, and decade after decade, without ever being “flipped”… or what some people call “being by-passed!”

In that way, cash money keeps getting “delivered” to the person in question, because he or she is in the same position as a person who privately owns the only bridge between two large cities, so that the people who desire to use such a bridge will need to pay a toll (or a fee) to the owner of the bridge, in order to be able to use it … period and end of story!

Examples of Toll Positions given in the report:

  • Product ownership
  • Control over a product (for example through licensing, resale rights or distributorships)
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Real estate
  • Chemical formulas
  • Trade secrets

When you read this report, keep in mind, this is the word-for-word transcript from a Q&A session. No editor has touched this so you’ll encounter some repetition and speed bumps. Ultimately, it’s the quality of the ideas that counts. Though amusingly, when he’s asked if he has any “non” money-making interests, he launches into stories like how he acquired a Patek-Phillippe for pennies on the dollar.

My comments:

  • There’s a lot of background about Harvey Brody’s personal life. There were 11 children in his father’s family and 7 in his mother’s — leaving him with an ungodly number of family members — yet not one shining example of success. Not one. Without mentioning Earl Nightingale in this talk, Brody clearly heeded Earl’s axiom: If there are no successful role models in your surroundings, do the OPPOSITE of what everyone else is doing.
  • Brody uses the “Thomas Register of American Manufacturers” to research and set up his tollbooths in the same way marketers use the Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS).
  • He made a concerted effort to surround himself with mentors and successful people and disconnected from the losers.
  • Brody embodies the truism, “Players Play.” It’s an attitude of enjoying the process and the thrill of  the hunt, as opposed to retiring or just “sitting back.” Conversely, it’s the losers who fantasize, “if I only had a million…ten million…a hundred million, I’d do X” but they never cultivate the winner’s attitude that could attain it for them.
  • He emphasizes the necessity of learning to think. People who are mired in multi-tasking hardly do this at all.
  • Brody correctly mentions there are far more opportunities now available to a person who is just starting out with nothing these days, compared to the relatively meager number of opportunities that were available when he got going. The flip side is there are a hundred times more distractions to the undisciplined mind. Example: 97% of those who say they’re serious about making it online never focus on one good way of getting traffic and one good way of getting conversions because they’re chasing 20 targets at once like: SEO, social networking, PPC, list building, autoresponders, CRM, video, etc.
  • He actively used visualization to get what he wanted.
  • He broke his goals down into a manageable series of steps.

Harvey Brody’s course on Toll Position Marketing:

I don’t have it nor know where to get it, I’m all ears though.


  1. Artie says

    lawrence, again u come thru with an amazing strategy. Is it really u or are u Gary Bencivenga playing the role?! Thanks for all u do. So glad to have found your site.

  2. gjabiz says

    Harvey Brody’s old course can be occassionally picked up on eBay now and then. I’ve been working with Mr. Brody these past several years on an UPDATE. What Harvey is doing now makes the old stuff obsolete.

    We are putting together a progam that will help people secure their first TOLL Position. You don’t need to invest any money to find “stored value” progrms that can produce a quick and easy stream of income for you.

    Harvey Brody is unique, alive and well, doing fantastic business from his home office in S. CA with only the part-time help of his wife and daughter.

    Gordon Jay Alexander

    PS. The original promotion for his course is considered to be the first “magalog” type promotion, it was over 46 pages.

  3. admin says

    Thanks for the comment, Artie. I am headed to the treadmill with my swollen head. 🙂

  4. says

    Just a note on thanking you and commending you on the consistently outstanding stuff you mange to come up with !

    Always presenting us with arcane and unusual classics.

    Frome one Lawence to another, hats off to ya’.


  5. s70r says



    I’d be VERY interested in this update. Where are you and Mr. Brody in the process? Any way to purchase it?



  6. Tino Rozzo says

    Harvey had this in the early 80s. Than he had an Arab connection thing. This si nothing more than Basic Marketing and Trade MArk stuff, you can get this at NOLO and other sources free.

    Is he still doing “the Circle Of Humanity Thing?” Save you money folks.

  7. says

    There are two people ready to meet you that are going to bless all of our lives and those of humanity. I hope you catch the energy within this message. It will just take you a minute to know that you are destined to interact with my brilliant friend, Hugh Traulsen, (creativity777com) and I. Supreme and unknown gifts wait upon your intuitive awareness.

    Blessings and we are trusting in that wisdom,


  8. says

    I just ran across this Blog … Noticed it made mention of my old friend from many years ago – Harvey Brody — I was fortunate enough to have come in contact with his info back in the 70″s. I acquired his newsletter and communicated with him many times personally via phone. I learned his ‘toll position’ principals and he assisted me in acquiring my first ‘toll position’ – ownership of an abandoned copyrighted manyscript, at absolutley no cost. He was with me all the way through the negotiating process and every step of the way all the way to marketing.

    Back then the course I bought (newsletter) was a one-on-one, where he personally mentored me. He was one of the most influenciial figures in my business life — My thinking has stayed on course, ever since.

    Thank You Harvey …. You are an inspiration to mankind — and truly a genius.

  9. Mike says

    I have a complete set of Harvey Brody’s: How to become financially independent, The new advertising and success approach, how to make money buying and selling anything. I think I paid $300 for this collection, your for a modest offer.

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