Thomas Hall Direct Mail Letter: 87 Japanese Money-Making Plans

Thomas Hall Direct Mail Letter

Coming soon: Rare Thomas Hall diet sales letter…

Imagine a direct mail letter in the business opportunity area, so ingeniously crafted, it silences every conceivable objection before it’s raised — the same objections that plague lesser letters to this day.

Most mail recipients have never encountered anything quite like it.

From the envelope covered with Japanese characters and teaser copy, “Good News From A Far Country” to the brilliant opening paragraphs to the artful offer summary in the postscript, it’s a unique mailing.

The writer was a man named Thomas Hall and the letter is for 87 Japanese Money Making Plans You Can Use To Increase Your Income In America Today.

Direct marketing legend, Gary Halbert, credited Thomas Hall’s now impossible to find Direct Mail Guides with getting him started in mail order. He also praised this and several other of Thomas Hall’s letters which I was lucky enough to unearth in a 210 pound pile of direct mail.

This is one of the most compelling openings you may see in a direct mail letter.

Dear Friend,

Would you like a spare time money-making business you could run from your home?

If so, then let me tell you about 87 different home operated businesses owned by people here in Japan that are fantastically profitable, and why I believe any one of them would make even more money in America.

As you’ll appreciate in a moment, it’s masterful the way Hall shuts down the escape points and entices the prospect into action.

  1. The offer speaks to the core mode of the business opportunity seeker. There isn’t just one plan being offered but 87. Biz-op seekers may be “in heat” for a short time but when they are, they buy everything.
  2. Since the plans originate in Japan, the prospect can’t think for a moment: “I’ve seen this before.”
  3. Hall emphasizes the early adapter benefit which eliminates the objection prospects have to encountering competition.

There are dozens of other subtle nuances you’ll notice in this letter.

Interestingly, Thomas Hall used almost the exact same opening for a diet offer which was also mailed from Japan.

Thomas Hall’s Letter For:87 Japanese Money Making Plans You Can Use To Increase Your Income In America Today.

Dear Friend,

Would you like a spare time money-making business you could run from your home?

If so, then let me tell you about 87 different home operated businesses owned by people here in Japan that are fantastically profitable, and why I believe any one of them would make even more money in America.

But first, let me say I am no advertising agency man, so I will have to tell you about this in my own words.

It all boils down to this. Our family has been active in both business and missionary circles in Japan for almost 50 years. Part of the work is to help Japanese who want to begin business – and most of them begin small, often from their homes.

During the past five years, I’ve been collecting information about these small businesses. In fact, I have a file with almost five hundred examples. But because of my personal business experience in both Japan and America, I know some of them would not work in America.

However, there are 87 I am convinced would work in America – they seem to be made for the American market – and best of all, there are presently no businesses in America like these. This means there is currently no American competition if these 87 home businesses were started now in the U.S.A.

Until now, if you considered starting a business from your home, the first thought that you may have come to is this, “How many other people are there in the same business,” – right?

But what would you do if you could pick from 87 proven money-makers and know you would be the first in your locality to have the business? It would be wonderful, because you would get all the first easy money!

In the past, when you thought about a home business, your second thought may have been, “can I do it, does it take any special skill or talent?” This is certainly a natural feeling.

However, the 87 businesses from the hundreds in my files require no special talent or training. Some of them are service type businesses which require little or no investment except your time. Others involve a simple product that is in demand — but is not available in America.

Some of these 87 are what I called ‘silent’ businesses. That is, because of their nature, even your neighbors do not know you have a part time business. Others, when they grow, may need your neighbors to help you in rush periods. This can be fun when everyone works together.

But most of the 87 are operated by an individual man or woman working alone. In some cases, a couple working together in their spare time. While a few of the businesses grew so fast it was necessary to hire dozens of people, most of them stayed small because that is what the people who operated them wanted.

But in every case, the 87 businesses I’ve selected for your consideration are ALL amazingly profitable!

Recently, my cousin came from America to Tokyo for a visit. We were talking about business and I showed him my files with almost five hundred small business examples. The more he explored the files, the more excited he got.

It was then he asked me, “Why don’t you pick the best ones you think would work in America and tell others about them so Americans can cash in, too?”

The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. After all, the information was just going to waste in my file. So, I took his advice. I went through and picked out the best money making businesses I knew could be operated by anyone of any age, from their home.

I put all of this valuable information in a complete step-by-step report, 87 Japanese Money Making Plans You Can Use To Increase Your Income In America Today. And I priced the report so every serious minded person who needed increased income could afford to buy it.

If you are serious about having your own small business that you operate from your home, then by all means read the report. Please be reassured, the 87 documented case histories of these profitable home businesses have been carefully selected from hundreds I have studied over the past five years, because I wanted you to have only those that must work profitably in America today.

To prove to you that I am confident you can find a dozen or more businesses in the report that would suit your situation exactly to help you make money, read the iron clad guarantee on the enclosed order form. This is proof of how convinced I am the power of these proven money makers… and that they will make money for you, too.

As my ironclad guarantee says, “you must make money the first 30 days with the business you select from the report, or you send the report back for a fast airmail refund.”

Fair enough? I should think so. You have absolutely nothing to lose, a whole new lifetime of income and security to gain.

So why not take me up on my offer to help you have your own business now? Do it now while the order form is in your hands. Remember, the quicker you reply, the quicker you will have a more carefree, comfortable, secure life just like people here in Japan who are profitably operating the 87 businesses in the report – the same businesses I guarantee will work as well or better in America.

They found success and happiness, and now I want my fellow Americans to find them too. Send for the report that makes it all possible today.

Your friend,

Thomas L Hall, Ltd.

P.S. Please remember these three important points: (1) By ordering your copy of the report now, you will be one of the first in America to get this valuable information – this is the first time it has ever been printed. (2) Every home business in the report has proven amazingly profitable here. (3) Because of my years of business experience in America and Japan, I guarantee these home businesses will succeed in America or the report costs you nothing.


  1. greg says

    Great letter Lawrence, but typing these letters out is nowhere near as good as how you used to include a link to a jpeg or PDF or something.

    I can’t save these like this – well, I can, but not without some trouble 🙂

  2. says

    Wow, what a great letter! Not a single hyped-up claim. No forests of exclamations marks. No big headline proclaiming “$100,000 In Your First Month!!!!!”

    Pure genius. Thanks for that one, Lawrence!

  3. Lenny says

    Lawrence, I am really growing to love your blog… it’s probably the best one going around at the minute… keep up the excellent work mate!

  4. Ray says

    Do you have the order form? How much did the report sell for? And what year was this?

    Thank you, this is a great resource.

  5. Karin says

    Hello Lawrence! I love what you are doing with this blog, but I am with Greg – I really loved your JPEGs and PDFs, and I miss them badly.

  6. says

    I’m subscribed to very few newsletters and blogs, and even those are ones I’ve been very picky with. After two years, I whittled down my list to the bare bones, the best on the net.

    Even then, this is the only blog I come back to consistently. And that’s among some serious marketers and copywriters.


  7. says

    Hey Lawrence,
    Season Greetings and thanks for the great content in 2008.
    I really like your explanations next to the Ads.
    Hope your 2009 is everything you expect and more.
    Alan Kirke….customer and fan from Australia

  8. says

    My past communication with Thomas L. Hall was a great learning experience. I am an admirer of his teaching and writing skills. To date, I don’t know if Mr. Hall is still with us. Could you please inform me of other direct mail letters you may have beside the “87 japanese letter and his diet letter.” It is greatly appreciated. Kindest regards

    James Polk

  9. Richard J. McLeane says

    Thomas Hall is a masterful writer of sales letters and reports. Don’t know if he is still with us. However, I wrote to him in 1986 (to his Hong Kong address) but never received a reply. I was a member of his Inner Circle organization. I have about 11 of his various reports(published in the early 1970’s). I have some sales letters and request forms. They are invaluable. His personal letters to me have been retained.

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