Targeting Your Ideal Prospects… Lessons from Mel Martin



Mel Martin has been called the “greatest copywriter you’ve never heard of.”

That’s because once his direct mail ad copy began mailing in the millions, his employer, Boardroom Inc., kept him under look and key for fear he’d be siphoned away by a competitor.

This video highlights his space ads which sold millions of books for a division of the New York Times called Quadrangle.

(Pssst. If you’re a client I’ve written a landing page for, now you know the origin of the winning headlines you’ve been using to knock it out of the park.)

Here are the 4 ads shown in the video in one downloadable PDF.


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    Hey Lawrence, you’re like a magician, one surprise after another, always got another secret waiting to wow your audience…you are one cool dude and a professional. Thanks for sharing so many profitable experiences over the years.

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    Hey Lawrence,

    Nice analysis of a highly effective, but little used technique.

    I like the video format, too. Great job!

    All the best,
    Doberman Dan

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    Hey Lawrence, thanks for sharing this. A question, though: in most cases, isn’t it true that a headline which clearly describes a main benefit will implicitly address itself to the ideal prospect? It seems to me that if a headline (call it A) which uses this technique sells better than one (B) which just describes the main benefit, it would be because of the explicit way it speaks to the ideal prospect, rather than because the ideal prospect doesn’t “get” that B is meant for them?

    Most cordially,

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