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The case against swipe files

Each year, I spend a small fortune on subscriptions and product purchase.


Not because I’m lacking for products or newsletters, but to keep my name (and aliases!) seeded on direct mail buyer lists.

This keeps a steady flow of direct mail hitting my mailbox… from the tabloid-sized magalogs and big bookalogs of the major mailers… to direct mail from obscure marketers far and wide.

Experienced marketers and copywriters know you’ll learn more from one winning ad than you would from a thousand pages of theory. And copywriters have been using swipe files for generations to: get valuable ideas… save time… and hopefully… to stack the odds in our favor when it comes to pulling higher response for our own ads.

But after you’ve accumulated your 50th, 100th or 1,000th swipe you’re faced with the problem of diminishing returns.

Worse yet, swipes can quickly go from being valuable creative assets to havoc wreakers.

Take the cases of these three all-star copywriters.

All-Star Copywriter #1: Axel Andersson

As a young man, after World War II, Andersson worked for the largest home study course company in Europe, headquartered in Hamburg.

Andersson then went to study with the American direct mail guru, Ed Mayer, and became a world class authority on direct mail himself.

And in the ultimate direct response triumph, he bought the business he was working for.

(One of “Axel‘s Axioms” was, “If you are in marketing, always take the streetcar or subway to work.”)

Andersson sold the business and retired, but his passion for direct mail led him to amass one of the largest collections of junk mail on the planet.

When Andersson was in his late 80s, he contacted Hatch to see if he was interested in obtaining his archive.

When Hatch asked him, “How much room does it take up?”

He replied, “One house.”

I don’t know what happened to Axel’s archive, but it’s likely the behemoth swipe file for all ages.

All-Star Copywriter #2: T.J. Rohleder

T.J.’s been one of the top business opportunity marketers in the world for the
last 20 years.

He has incredible passion for direct response, business and for swipe files too.

A few years ago, he shared his own “monster swipe” story with me. At an earlier time in his career, his swipe file had grown so massive, he had to have it removed from his residence and disposed of.

While he was relating this, I was envisioning some oversized Hefty trash bags filled with junk mail.

I was off by some.

By the time the 18-wheel, semi-trailer truck (“lorry” in the UK and Ireland) was loaded up with TJ’s swipes, there wasn’t room for anything else.

All-Star Copywriter #3: “Mr. X”

He’s been one of the top copywriters for decades.

He lives in a beautiful two bedroom apartment in New York City.

And, one of the rooms is inhabited by…

His swipe file.

See, whether they’re swipe files, or anything else, we all share the same problems: too little time and too much information.


The 7 problems crippling copywriters

Crippling Copy Problem #1: Clutter

Clutter is the copywriter’s mortal enemy: desk clutter, mental clutter and the clutter of conventional thinking. It not only slows us down but chokes the idea generation we need to assemble an ad with half a chance of succeeding.

Swipe Drive Breakthrough: Plug in your swipe drive and marvel at your ability to instantly search thousands of pages of control copy without the clutter… and without stacks of paper and ink swipes.

Crippling Copy Problem #2: The “blank screen blues”

Ernest Hemingway called the blank page the “white bull.” Fear of failure, not knowing where to start, and a host of other head trash can cripple us copywriters before we get out of the gate.

Swipe Drive Breakthrough: There’s no faster way to “warm up” and get the synapses firing than breezing through a stash of winning mail order ads. And you’ve got a near bottomless well of ideas most copywriters could only dream of… with top flight examples of winning headlines, deck copy, bullets and offers.

Crippling Copywriting Problem #3: Not enough time

Show me a working copywriter with too much time on his hands… and I’ll show you one without tight deadlines… and without an ogre overseer breathing down his neck.

Swipe Drive Breakthrough: Throw away your paper and ink swipes and turn on the “swipe fie for the 21st Century.” Lighting speed is your new ally for top flight research and copy creation… while you demolish deadlines. Now you can create copy in days instead of weeks… hours instead of days!

Crippling Copy Problem #4: Shabby research

Shabby research goes hand in hand with the blank screen, and it may be the number one stumbling block for rookie writers.

Swipe Drive Breakthrough: As copy legend, Gene Schwartz, said: “The person who is the best prepared and the most knowledgeable makes the most money.” Now, you’ve got instant access to what copy heavies have written in almost any area of alternative-health and self-help.

Crippling Copy Problem #5: The “copy comfort zone”

The comfort zone is the modern day “death on the installment plan.” And for copywriters, the comfort zone is the death of the sale. That’s because many writers stick with only one style of copy throughout their careers.

Swipe Drive Breakthrough: Smash the comfort zone with a dizzying array of copy styles and approaches. There’s no better way to “get out of your own head” than diving into a winning pile of swipes. Bold, new selling approaches are a click away.

Crippling Copy Problem #6: The “direct mail dilettante”

As a grizzled mail order man once told me… “don’t pay too much attention to copy, unless it’s got a stamp on it!” Lots of web copywriters pay lip service to direct mail, but when it comes to the hardcore knowledge of what’s worked (and what’s bombed), they’re playing with a handicap. Why? Because it’s hard to know what A-level copy looks like when you’ve only seen C-level.

Swipe Drive Breakthrough: You’ve now got the world class direct mail knowledge that would take years and cost thousands to acquire.

Crippling Copy Problem #7: Not knowing “prospect parlance”

Do you know what to say and how to say it to get to the credit card in your prospect’s wallet… and do so in multiple markets? Lots of writers think they know, but response tells otherwise.

Swipe Drive Breakthrough: Now you’re only clicks away from “buyer’s language” that sells. Example: you’ll get a tinnitus sufferer’s attention every time with a headline like: ‘I couldn’t stand the ringing in my ears!” as well as sneak your solution into the headline.



Q: How many direct mail pieces are in the Swipe Drive?

A: There are 127 DM pieces that have been carefully scanned and converted to PDF with full OCR capability, so you can instantly search thousands of keywords.

Q: Which markets are covered in the Swipe Drive?

A: Self-help and alternative health.

Q: What are the self-help categories I can find mailings for?

A: In no particular order: Success (General) & Success Programming, Law of Attraction, Subconscious Programing, Hypnosis, Psychic, Occult, Mind Control, Energy, Sleep, Healing, Past Lives, Better Brain, Peak Performance, Motivation, Self-Discipline, Spiritual Evolution, Enlightenment, Self-Sabotage, Speed Reading, Business Development , Negotiation, Sales, Wealth Creation, Memory Improvement, Leadership, Time Management, Organization, Goals, Public Speaking, Communication and more. Best of all, these promos are evergreen.

Q: What markets are in the Alt-Health Swipe Drive (aka the Big Idea Health Swipes)?

This is a swipe file loaded with women’s health, men’s health, senior’s and boomer’s health… and the products range from supplements to newsletters. Most of these promos mailed from 2011 to 2015, most were controls, and more than a few are still in the mail today.

Q: I am/was a member of your Ultimate Online Swipe File. Are the ads in the swipe drives also included in the UOSF?

A: No, the overwhelming majority are not in the UOSF, and the handful that are haven’t had every keyword extracted and made searchable.

Q: Do I need to be a highly proficient copywriter to benefit from the swipe drive?

A: A rookie writer will get a mail order education the likes of which would be almost impossible to get elsewhere.  And pros can dive into 2,400+ pages of mailbox winners with thousands of instantly searchable keywords.

Q: I’m not super tech savvy. Will you show me how to set-up the “swipe drive” on my computer?

A: The 9-page Quickstart guide in PDF shows you the step-by-step instructions, whether you’re on a Windows computer or a Mac.

Q: What if I have an older computer… can I still take advantage of the “swipe drive?”

A: Yes! I’ve tested the download, file extraction and swipe drive search on a cluttered up, seven year old lap-top now used by my kids. I was able to get up and running from scratch in 25 minutes and the swipe drive worked almost as fast as on a new, out of-the-box Mac. Obviously, you need space on your computer’s hard drive.

Q: Do I need any special software to use the swipe drive?

A: All you need is the free version of Adobe Reader which you should already have on your computer. Just don’t try using the swipe drive on your smart phone!

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: Marketers and copywriters from all over the globe have already jumped in. I’m convinced once you get your swipe drives set up, your copy creation will take a quantum leap. But if you’re not 100% thrilled, then you’ll receive a quick and courteous refund. You’re the sole judge.

Q: How long will it take to download?

A: They are fairly large files, a little over a gigabyte, but if you want to save untold hours in future on world class research, let the files download in the background for 20-25 minutes while you watch the videos on getting your new swipe drives up and running.


Your new ‘swipe drive’ is to direct response copywriting
what the jet is to air travel!”


Thank you for the Big Ideas Health Swipes!

I must confess, it’s always been a slow and long process to research health promotions, especially when I am looking for very specific kinds of promotions.

But now you’ve changed the how I – as a copywriter and creative director – do my research.

Your Big Ideas Health Swipes will speed up anyone’s research and idea generation.

It’s simply ingenious how I can narrow my research down to very specific words even. Right on my computer!

“Your new ‘swipe drive’ is to direct response copywriting what the jet is to air travel!”

Definitely a must for any serious copywriter.

Phillip Burmeister
Creative director & Copywriter


“Beaten A-list, world-class copywriting and design competition
– 4 straight times.”

“I saw you on the Gary Bencivenga retirement DVDs that I purchased. Great publicity for you.

I have to tell you, combining Gary’s wisdom with your swipe files is a lethal weapon.

Confidentially, because I’m not a braggart (in fact, you’re the first person I’ve told this to), my design partner and I have beaten A-list, world-class copywriting and design competition – 4 straight times. That’s how much I’ve benefited from–and appreciate – your material.”

Rich Silver
Crow Moon Marketing


“Made a difference in my career.”

“Just keep on doing what you’re doing. Your site has helped me tons! It’s made a difference in my career.”

(Email extract from a financial copywriter on 1/18/13.)


“What it really takes to sell.”

If you want to learn what it really takes to sell – well, every single thing he shows has a lesson. I got two ideas this morning for something I am working on, which is actually a get-rich-slowly-but-surely educational service for marketers.”

Drayton Bird
Direct marketing legend


“Lawrence is the world’s greatest direct response ad researcher…
and one heckuva copywriter.”

Gary Bencivenga
Copy legend


“…I think will hit large.”

Brilliant examples, great commentary. This one just gave me an idea for a newsletter we’re about to launch that I think will hit large. I don’t know where you find this stuff, but I’m glad you do. Just so you know, I intend to talk up your site in my next issue of the Copywriter’s Roundtable. Terrific, generous stuff.

John Forde
A-List copywriter, author (and Parisian)


“$20,000 in just two weeks.”

Your manual has been instrumental in me writing an ad that generated over $20,000 in just two weeks, so cudos to you Lawrence.”

Dr. Ivan Carney, Temecula, CA


“If Lawrence has got a product for sale, you should get it!”

Marty Edelson
Founder of Boardroom Inc. and Direct Response Legend


“…one crazy dude”

“You’re one crazy dude to do all this work, but until you get therapy, I’ll take advantage of it with glee!”

Dr. Jack Booman
(Leading chiro copywriter… and a darn nice guy.)


Let Me Erase Every Shred of Doubt

If you’re serious about writing ads that make money, this is for you.

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As the ex-captain of the English cricket team, Graham Gooch, once said:

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You’re only moments away from being better prepared than ever!