Recession Beater #8: Distressed Virtual Real Estate

Distressed V.R.E.One of the upshots of the exodus from the real estate and mortgage professions is the thousands of domains which are being dumped by the virtual roadside.

In the past few months, I’ve scooped up quite a few premium domain names in the real estate area.

One of them I stumbled upon was so good, I also filed a trademark on the name to lock up this valuable I.P. for the long haul.

As quiet as the ghost town of residential real estate is today, it’s certain the stampede will return one day, even if it’s a fraction of the heady days in 2005 and 2006.

What distressed V.R.E. can you uncover?

Plant an acorn today and in a few years, it’ll become a mighty oak. I’m looking forward to a forest.


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    V.R.E. is an interesting concept. Do you have any tips on differentiating between the future oaks and the duds? Any pointers for how to create a forest instead of a desolate field of dead acorns? Or are there any resources elsewhere that you can point to?

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