More Copywriting Fascinations from Mel Martin

Mel Martin Copywriting FascinationsA few weeks ago I posted an ad from the pioneer of copywriting fascinations: Mel Martin. My subscribers wanted more so here goes.

There is no area in copywriting that’ll pay you bigger dividends faster than crafting great bullets. And who better to learn from then Mel Martin.

It took me over two years to turn these ads up.

Here’s Mel Martin’s: “For people who are almost (but not quite) satisfied with their own cooking — and can’t figure out what’s missing.”


  1. Alger C. says

    Thanks Lawrence and come on you lurkers out there please post some raves about Mel Martin because I want Lawrence to feel so wonderful and tingly that he’ll eventually post his entire hoard of Mel Martin ads.

    Why you ask? The answer is simple.

    Do you know the name Martin Edelston? If you don’t shame on you. He’s the CEO top dog of Board Room Reports pumping out total sales of at least 100 million annually at one point in time.(my figures are from memory and may be low).

    Martin either is or will be in the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame and he was the “Direct Marketer of the Year” some years ago too. He did it all through direct response advertising. So what?

    Martin Edelston considers Mel Martins ads to be among “the best book advertising ever written”! That’s what. I think Marty Edelston knows a good ad when he sees it eh?

    So how about some kudos and thanks to Lawrence?

  2. Alger Cavalloro says

    Thank you once again Lawrence and how about you lurkers and lookers out there?

    Yeah, I’m talk’n to you.

    Let’s all give Lawrence a round of applause and butter him up with praise and
    plaudits because he deserves it.

    Lawrence please stand up and take a bow.

    Listen up. I know there are some pretty hot, top dog, big time, A-list copy sharks
    reading these blog posts as well as aspiring A-listers too. Why not take 2 seconds or less and simply say bravo Lawrence?

    Lets’ get Larry feeling all tingly and warm because maybe, just maybe he’ll feel
    compelled to put all of Mel’s long lost and forgotten masterpieces on display.

    Why you ask?

    Well, you all know who Martin Edelston is right? He’s the mastermind behind Board Room Reports.
    Marty may already be in the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame and for sure he’s already been named top direct marketer of the year at least once. His little ole company churns out maybe a 100 million plus annually (I’m not sure of current stats). He’s a household word in off-line direct marekting’s upper echelon. In short he’s a pretty accomplished direct marketing legend anyone with one wit of intelligence should listen to when he speaks.

    Martin Edelston considers Mel Martin’s book ads to be “among the greatest book advertising ever written”. Yep that’s a quote directly from the man himself in Target Marketing.

    Yeah, even you top dog, A-listers …I bet most of you never knew about Mel.

    Well it seems there was a very good reason why. Martin Edelston never let anybody know who his “secret” bullet master was. Nobody knew who Mel Martin was until after he passed on.

    So those of you who think I’m blowing smoke and puffing up Lawrence for no good reason … please take heed and serve up the kudos to Lawrence.

    I promise never to utter another word on this topic again.

    We are not worthy to get these masterpieces for free but we’ll take’em.

  3. says

    Mel snagged me over twenty years ago and he did it with ease.

    As can be seen in all of his work, Mel had the ability to literally agitate the hooey out of you (Think The Bottom Line) and give an assurance that there was a simple solution – the only thing required was for you take a simple step.

    I love what you’ve brought out here Lawerence. Thanks and keep it coming.


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