Mel Martin — the Deadliest Bullet Copywriter (Space Ad #14: “Practical Golf”)

Mel Martin Space AdNever heard of Mel Martin?

Join the club.

Countless direct response marketers and copywriters — some with a very high level of attainment — greet his name with a blank stare.

After Gene Schwartz helped Marty Edelston lay the foundation for Boardroom, it was Mel Martin’s copywriting fascinations that turned it into a $100 million a year operation.

He was so critical to Boardroom’s success, his name was kept a secret for fear he’d be snatched up by another company.

But ten years before Mel Martin wrote a line of copy for Boardroom, he pioneered a new and far more lethal brand of bullet called a “fascination.”

Even today, many copywriting bullets are rubber on impact. The prospect glances over them and returns to business unfazed.

Try this with the next list of bullets you encounter.  Notice how tedious it can be reading bullets that always start with “how to” or “why.”

Prior to Mel Martin, most bullets were just typographical symbols wedged next to a benefit.

Mel changed the game and his ads successfully sold everything from cook books to almanacs to guides on continuing education.

  • Want to learn the secret to writing bullets that automatically draw friends, power, love, money far beyond your fondest dreams into your life OVERNIGHT? See page 294.

Just click this link for one of Mel’s ads: For golfers who are almost (but not quite) satisfied with their game — and can’t figure out what they’re doing wrong.

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  1. Alger Cavalloro says

    Thank you Lawrence. This is a real treasure.

    Actually I’m speechless and filled with sophmoric superlatives which I’ll spare you.

    I’m almost in tears (of joy).

    I’m going to burn this ad deep into my little reptile brain,weld it to my animal brain, then lash it to my cerebral cortex so that I’m looking through it’s golden haze when I enter the copy zone.

    Folks, Lawrence has dropped a golden nugget in our laps.

    Lawrence, you are too modest. Your quest is equivalent to Larry Darrell’s from the Razors Edge.

    Larry – Lawrence….hmm.

    Read the book folks, then you’ll get it.

    Maybe I exaggerate, but only to make a point!

  2. Greg Thompson says


    I must not be getting all of your emails (either that or you don’t send out an email for every post)…the last one I got was for “We’re looking for people who like to draw” and now this one.

    Looks like I missed several posts.

  3. says

    I never thought I would become a copy writer when I started in ebook writing business, now I look for great headlines all the time, this one’s a gem. Thanks.

  4. says

    I’ve got several of Mel Martin’s ads. I agree they are some of the best around, but they seem not to to be appreciated as much as some.

    Not that it bothers me. The less people want to know about great copywriters like Mel Martin, the better it is for those of use who do.


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