Is Spiritual Peace Worth 3 Minutes A Day To You? (Religious Advertising #14)

James Keller Spiritual Peace

“Is spiritual peace worth three minutes a day to you?”

Though this was a frequent headline template in years past, it’s rarely encountered nowadays.

It’s very hard to beat for it’s clarity and directness.

Other headlines in the same mold:

Is It Worth $2 To You To Banish Ugly Cellulite Forever?

Is It Worth 4 Hours In the Gym THIS Week To Avert a Heart Attack Next?

Is It Worth A 10 Minute Free Consult To Potentially Save 23% On Your Business Taxes?

Whether we’re selling a beauty cream or a financial service or even spiritual peace, it’s all about the right offer to the right market at the right time.

And in the case of this ad from 59 years ago, the timing of the offer to the right market is hardly a factor because it’s evergreen.


JAMES KELLER, who wrote You Can Change the World, now brings you a book of Christopher Thoughts for Daily Living

ASK YOURSELF are you truly satisfied with your life. Or do you seek greater spiritual strength and peace of mind in your daily life? If so, then James Keller has written this plain-speaking, down-to-earth book of workable guideposts for you.

James Keller also wrote You Can Change the World, and if you read that fine book you know that he does not deal in vague theories. Every line in his new book is straightforward and sincere. No matter what your beliefs, this practical chart for positive and successful living can help you. This is a book that is written in simple, understandable language for the people of today who must face today’s problems . . . lighting the way to a happier, more constructive life for you. Each short daily reading — one for every day of the year — consists of a modern parable that clearly shows you how to apply the principles of the Christophers. These simple techniques are spreading to new thousands every day, for the Christophers have proved, by their own example that their methods work! Their results have amazed even Father Keller!

The Christophers started with an idea. A simple idea. A great idea. The idea is this: each one of us can, through daily reflection and prayer, come into more direct communication with God. With this daily communication, made in your own manner, as simply and informally as you choose, you draw upon infinite sources of spiritual peace. And as your own spiritual power deepens, there grows in you the desire to share this marvel with others.

You determine to carry an unshakeable Truth to others; you become a Christopher—a Christ-bearer. You become part of a mighty tide of positive, constructive thought and action. Yet this is no formal movement, no organized society or church with dues or membership rolls. There are no meetings, no financial obligations. It’s all up to you. You experience a secret of happiness in your own way, in your own life. With it comes the power to give it to others and to do something for your country—for the world.

This new spiritual outlook invariably changes the whole pattern of your life. Miraculously, the burdens of your personal problems are lifted. You are freed from the futility of fear, worry, and insecurity. This has worked time and time again for others; it will work for you!

The Christopher movement draws its strength from spiritual sources, but it is concerned with practical living. It deals with everyday problems and simple worries. While Father Keller happens to be a Catholic priest, the movement is for all men— people of all religions—even those of no religion. It has attracted tens of thousands of all faiths and those who, without faith, are seeking guidance. Father Keller expressed the Christopher purpose in his inspiring book; you Can Change the World-a book that made a profound impression. Now he provides a day-by-day guide to spiritual peace in

THREE MINUTES A DAY—a New Book of Christopher Thoughts for Daily Living

Father Keller spent nine years testing different ways, of illustrating the spiritual reaches of God. He finally-settled on this highly readable, perfectly understandable method—making his point clear by using interesting little experiences from the stream of everyday life! So clear and simple is his writing that he easily helps the ordinary reader comprehend the supernatural workings of God. THREE MINUTES A DAY is the result of this careful work. It contains 365 pages, and each page can be read in three minutes or less. It is a book of modern parables—each one a gem of story-telling—each one explaining a Truth that will help you face the burdens of daily living with greater confidence . . . through increased spiritual resources.

You need not be religiously inclined to find help and comfort in THREE MINUTES A DAY. Inspiringly, it brings its hopeful message right into your own life. Without dogma or cant, it presents its daily readings in terms of simple and unaffected beauty; the underlying higher truths become clear with sudden clarity.

Will You Try This New Approach to Living for Just Ten Days?

Whatever your problems and anxieties may be, you: will find solace and guidance in THREE MINUTES A DAY. It will help you face each coming day with new confidence and courage. It will help you replace fears and worries with a ‘serene and sustaining spiritual peace. Let us send you this astonishingly new and different book of daily readings to live by for FREE EXAMINATION. Send no money. Mail the coupon with the full understanding that you need not pay the book’s modest $2 price if for any reason you do not find it suited to your needs, and you return it within 10 days.

THREE MINUTES A DAY – CHRISTOPHER THOUGHTS FOR DAILY LIVING by James Keller who wrote “You Can Change the World”

Buy a copy at your bookstore today, or sign and mail the coupon.

So confident are we that this is a book you will want to own that Doubleday and your bookseller want you to try it FREE for. 10 days. Send .no money. Just sign and mail the coupon to Doubleday & Co, Inc. Dept. T.11 Garden City, N. Y. If you wish your bookseller to handle the transaction fill in his store name and address in the space provided and enclose $2.00. We will forward your order to the bookseller and he will send THREE MINUTES A DAY by James Keller to you on approval, under a full 10-day money-back guarantee.

For Every Day of the Year an Inspiring Message like these


A friend of ours, whose grandmother was an Iowa pioneer, reports that she was always the energetic type. He remembers that when as a youngster he spent summers on her farm, she would say, “Here it is Monday morning; tomorrow will be Tuesday, and the next day Wednesday. The whole week’s half gone, and nothing done yet! Hurry up and get out in the fields!” Those who are blessed with the precious gifts of faith, hope, and charity, and who are determined to share them with others—not keep them for themselves—are usually hard workers. The more they do, the more they seem able to take on. Isn’t it one of the outstanding characteristics of the successful man that he never wastes time? He treats a minute as some treat an hour —sometimes even more respectfully. That is why he gets things accomplished. Success in any aspect of life— material or spiritual—comes to those who are not time-servers, but who make time serve them. “/ must do the works of Him who sent me, while it is day; night it coming when no one can work.” (John 9:4) Pray that you may live as though each moment were your first and your last moment on earth.


Several years ago an elderly lady made a generous gift to the poor. When asked if she could really afford it, her answer was memorable. “I’m .seventy-four now,” she said. “My husband—God rest his soul—died twenty-three years ago. He wasn’t able to leave me much money, so for all this time I’ve earned a living by scrubbing and washing. But I felt I should do more than that. I wanted 19 help those worse off than I am. God has been good to me. I have my health, a roof over my head, enough to eat. So many people don’t have these blessings. And then I thought it would be better to work a little bit harder in this life and take my rest in the life to come.” It’s interesting to notice that those who take things “a little bit harder in this life” often seem to have a foretaste of heaven here below, while those who seek” heaven on earth through self-gratification know only bitter failure. “// we would do only a little violence to ourselves in the beginning, we would afterwards he able to do all things with ease and joy.” (Imitation of Christ 1:11, 18) Lord, help me to choose the harder path that leads to Thee.


A policeman pounding his beat one night stopped at the alley door of a servicemen’s club. To his surprise the door opened. Staring at him, he said, was a “big, burly man, ready to jump me.” He drew his gun. The prowler drew his. They both fired. A full length mirror and the prowler—the policeman’s reflection— crashed to the floor. This kind of mistake has happened to most of us, but how many of us have ever stopped to think of the significance of it? How often have troubles seemed to loom large and menacing, then when we face them courageously, we find they disappear, insignificant as shadows in a broken mirror? When we feel that there’s nothing we can do, then it’s time for us to realize that the best thing we can do is to seek God’s help and then face the situation for what it is: turn on the light, rather than fear the “ghost” in the darkness. “For I am the Lord thy God who take thee by the hand, and say to thee: Fear not, I have helped thee.” (Isaiah 41:13) Pray for the fearless confidence that comes from trust in God.


One of the most authoritative dictionaries, published in 1944, carries this interesting definition of uranium: “A rare, heavy, white metallic element… It is never found native, and has no important uses, although certain of its salts are used as pigments, especially in the manufacture of glass and porcelain.”

“No important uses”—this is what was written a few years ago about what is today probably the most valuable metal in existence. Little did, people realize then the tremendous importance of this single element. Nor did they realize the worldwide fear and awe in which, within a year or so, the very name uranium would be held. It is wise never to judge by outward appearances. We ought not to judge even ourselves so. We may think we have “no important uses.” Yet all the time there are within us untapped sources of

Excellence which, sparked by purpose and strengthened by the grace of God, will enable us to do tremendous things for Him. Lord, let me never think. I have no important uses; but help me to see what I can do for Thee. ‘


Frederick the Great of Prussia was walking along .a road on the outskirts of Berlin one day when accidentally he brushed against a very old man. ‘”Who are you?” Frederick asked out of idle curiosity as the two came to a halt. “I am a king,” the old man answered.

“A king?” echoed Frederick. “Over what principality do you reign?”

“Over myself,” was the proud reply? “I rule myself because I control myself. I am my own subject to command.”

All of us can be kings, in the sense of the old man’s words. But how many of us actually are? Instead of being in command, often we let ourselves be ruled over by the tyrants of temper or laziness or passion. We cannot hope to influence others if we are, as the common expression puts it, “not ourselves.” And we can. Only be we by controlling ourselves. “A horse not broken becometh stubborn, and a child, left to him- Self Mill become headstrong” (Ecclesiastics 30:8) Lord, help me to rule over my passions, that Thou mayest rule even me.

The broad appeal and wide acceptance of three minutes a day is well indicated by these unusual comments:

BOB HOPE: “These capsules of goodness are a tonic for right thinking. Three minutes a day seems little enough for us to set aside to ad lib with our conscience.”

FULTON OURSLER: ‘Three minutes a day with this fine book will make the remaining 1437 minutes three times richer in peace and achievement.”

BOB CONSIDINE: “Father James Keller is the finest anecdotist of our time.”

EDDIE DOWLING: “I find Father Keller’s THREE MINUTES A DAY stimulating and wonderful.”

KATHLEEN NORRIS: “This packed volume will find itself at home everywhere. No one can pick up the book, even for three minutes, and lay it down without a lighter heart and a strengthened courage.”

IRENE DUNNE: “This new Christopher book, THREE MINUTES A DAY, is just the sort of thing many of us have been looking for.”

TAYLOR CALDWELL: “I can think of no more inspiring guidepost to full and reverent living than Father Keller’s THREE MINUTES A DAY. Those few moments spent in reading and contemplating this book cannot help but bestow a sense of confidence and peace of mind.”

GENE AUTRY: “This book is for plain folks like you and me. It has big ideas for little people.”


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