How Does This 69-Year-Old Doctor Have The Body Of a 30-Year-Old?

Cenegenics: HOW DOES THIS 69-YEAR-OLD DOCTOR...Here’s an interesting space ad which has been making the rounds for the last few months.

The headline, “How Does This 69-Year-Old Doctor Have The Body Of a 30-Year-Old?” stops the reader in his tracks and the photo pays it off with a startling proof element.

The benefits are something almost every well-to-do senior would jump for:

* Decreased Risk of Age-Related Disease
* Improved Muscle Tone
* Decreased Body Fat
* Increased Energy
* Sharper Thinking
* Increased Libido

A 69-year-old boasting 10% body fat surely makes most 30-year-olds envious and the reader wants to know how he’s done it.

Another convincing proof element found in the copy is the statement: “At Cenegenics, patients are successful business people and professionals. In fact, more than 1,500 of their 15,000 patients worldwide are physicians and their families.”


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    Just wanted to leave a note to say I really appreciate your blog alot. I’ve got about 15 blogs on my RSS feed, but yours is the only one where I check every single post. Thanks a bunch.

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