In Memory of Christian Godefroy

Earlier this week, I received the belated and sad news of the passing of my friend and colleague, Christian Godefroy. I last heard from him on November 2nd and he suffered a fatal heart attack two weeks later on November 17th.

Christian Godefroy was one of the top marketers and copywriters on the European continent for the last 30 years and was an extraordinary teacher, as well as marketer.

He was the kind of person you could meet at a seminar who gave no hint that he “owned a mountain” and took in over $20 million a year for the last 30 years.

Christian was soft spoken (whether in French or English) but he was as competitive as they come.

Before holding his copywriting seminar a few summers ago, he shared with me that he wanted to top the great Gary Bencivenga by offering 300 seats at $5,000 a pop. He sold out this event and later marketed it online. Here’s the sales letter if your French is up to scratch.

Christian was rightly proud of his Positive Club, which focused on his first passion of self-help.

He had many friends and colleagues the world over who will miss him!

Christian's Ad in the US Market


  1. Duane says

    Hi Lawerence,
    A terrific succinct eulogy to a great man only you could write…
    I never heard of Christian but what you wrote makes us writers interested in the copy business think we missed out with his passing by not reading and learning from his material sooner….
    Good post!!!!

  2. Duane says

    I knew I heard of Christian Before!!!!
    A couple of years ago Christian was involved in a venture with Craig Garber and Craig posted his photo and wrote about this great guy at that time. I think he visited Florida and was working with Craig on a project….

  3. Robert Heiney says

    That’s about as good a direct response ad as you can get. I read every word and even though I don’t smoke cigarettes, I wanted so badly to get that information. Thank you for sharing that.

  4. says

    Condolences to you and his family — GOD must have needed a TOP copywriter & lecturer — as my mind thinks —– Death, Taxes and Childbirth ——-

    There’s never a convenient time for any of them

  5. says

    Christian was a dear friend and mentor. He helped me create a life I never thought I could have. His advice was invaluable to me. I owe him so much and I will miss him.

  6. Tony Babatunde says

    Hi Lawrence,

    Christian Godefroy was a great man, a great copywriter and one heck of an entrepreneur. He wrote a very good book on copywriting few years back(How to write letters that sell) it was a very, very hard book to get hold of at the time, until Joe Vitale brought it online. He was a giver too as you mentioned there are lots of his books you can download for free on his positive club website both in English and French. He also worked with some of the great copywriters of old people people like Eugene S. He would be greatly missed.



  7. Robert says

    Sorry to hear of this man passing, i will study his work – condolences goes out to his family and friends.

  8. Lawrence Bernstein says

    Thanks. I know Christian touched and improved many lives the world over.

    For this year, I will keep Christian’s achievements in mind along with the mantra… “Wait for nothing!”

  9. Adrian Newman says

    Well put, Lawrence. I had the pleasure of meeting Christian at the Bencivenga 100 and remember him being a very insightful and thoughtful gentleman. He will be missed.

  10. Lawrence Bernstein says

    Hi Adrian. How have you been!? Sorry we did not meet at Gary’s seminar.

    Xtian (as Christian liked to call himself) and I kept in touch after the seminar and I’m glad we did.

  11. Lawrence Bernstein says

    Thanks Harlan. Saw you did an FB post about him after mine. Glad you got to know him and I’ll check out your vid.

    Xtian bought everything he thought might be even remotely useful or make him a better marketer.

  12. Lawrence Bernstein says

    Sure, Oliver. Christian was the man in France and CH. He’s left us a a wonderful oeuvre.

  13. says

    Christian’s death came as a shocker.

    I wrote 4 sales letters for him the last few months. It was really an honor he gave me such a privilege to write for him. His feedback and heart to help was really tangible as well.

    In fact, I was in the middle of another sales letter for him when I heard of his passing via Google. I was wondering why he wasn’t answering my email and I Googled to find out what he was up to and to my shock I realized he passed away. Just like you Lawrence, the last time I heard from him was on Nov 2 as well.

    Bizarre right? One minutes he’s all up and chirpy, the next minute he’s gone. 🙁

  14. Lawrence Bernstein says

    Hi Kenneth,

    How have you been!?

    Shocker indeed!

    I’m glad you and Christian had the chance to connect and I’m sure he’s left you with some valuable take-aways from your collaboration.

    Let’s do his memory proud by having a banner year.

  15. Ciku Thuku says

    Hi demise saddened me. I always enjoyed his motivational briefs through the “positive club”. I am glad his daughter Jessica has now taken this up. May be rest in perfect peace!

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