Mel Martin — the Deadliest Bullet Copywriter (Space Ad #14: “Practical Golf”)

 Never heard of Mel Martin? Join the club. Countless direct response marketers and copywriters — some with a very high level of attainment — greet his name with a blank stare. After Gene Schwartz helped Marty Edelston lay the foundation for Boardroom, it was Mel Martin’s copywriting fascinations that turned it into a $100 million […]

Targeting Your Ideal Prospects… Lessons from Mel Martin

     Mel Martin has been called the “greatest copywriter you’ve never heard of.” That’s because once his direct mail ad copy began mailing in the millions, his employer, Boardroom Inc., kept him under look and key for fear he’d be siphoned away by a competitor. This video highlights his space ads which sold millions […]

The Chef’s Secret Cook Book (Mel Martin Ad #16)

 For people who are almost (but not quite) satisfied with their own cooking — and can’t figure out what’s missing. • If your crepes are delicious but too heavy, see page 263. • The gourmet uses of kosher salt? See page 3 and page 22. • If your cooked shrimp gets dry or rubbery when […]

A Million Dollar “Marketing Course” for $100?

  Full Scoop on Boardroom JV, launching Monday, January 10th, is here. It amazes me. Quite often, a subscriber will email to ask my opinion of the recently launched “XYZ course.” Inevitably, it’s some flavor of yesterday’s successful traffic tactic or a coaching program. Now, I spring for a lot of these things myself. Besides […]

Mel Martin Ad #9: “For New Yorkers Who Would Rather Ride Bikes”

 Here’s a 1972 display ad by one of the two pioneers of the modern copywriting bullet, Mel Martin. The other was Ralph Ginzburg. Though this ad was written many years before Mel signed on with Boardroom, and shot their sales into the stratosphere with his trademark fascinations, this ad isn’t so far from the level […]

More Copywriting Fascinations from Mel Martin

 A few weeks ago I posted an ad from the pioneer of copywriting fascinations: Mel Martin. My subscribers wanted more so here goes. There is no area in copywriting that’ll pay you bigger dividends faster than crafting great bullets. And who better to learn from then Mel Martin. It took me over two years to […]