Gary Halbert Ad #5: “Amazing New Formula From Beverly Hills”

 I recently read somewhere that Gary Halbert’s sons have some big release in the offings: one of Gary’s seminars or a bundle of seminars and print courses. The seminar he gave in Florida in 1996 is one of the finest direct marketing and copywriting seminars ever. It was attended by a pony-tailed Joe Polish, Jeff […]

Gary Halbert Ad #22: How YOU Can Turn Box-Tops Into Gold!

 Gary Halbert wrote this ad in 1974 under the nom de plume, Ellen Michael. I stumbled upon this ad last week in an aging stack of space ads in my closet and don’t recall seeing it before. The offer was for a book entitled: “How to Turn Box-Tops & Labels into Gold” plus four free […]

How To Get What The U.S. Government Owes You!

 Gary Halbert was a genius at stimulating the greed glands of the broadest swath of the public with offers like this. How To Get What The U.S. Government Owes You! 320 almost secret ways to get something back for your tax dollars right away! I’m sure if he were here today, he’d craft an offer […]

Gary Halbert Lead Generation Ad from 1990

 Here’s a lead generation ad Gary Halbert ran in the Wall Street Journal in 1990. I counted several insertions so this little lead gen must have gotten the phone to ring and there were few as persuasive as Gary to handle the incoming calls. The fact the leads were coming from the Journal was qualifying […]

Gary Halbert Ad #7: “How To Keep Your Money From Being Murdered”

 Here’s a 1974 ad Gary Halbert wrote for a book entitled, “How To Rob A Bank Without A Gun.” Though interest rates and consumer banking are a world different than in 1974, much of the ad copy could be used straight off the rack in the year 2008. The year 1974 promises to produce the […]

Gary Halbert Ad #13: “The Amazing Diet Secret of a Desperate Housewife”

 This is Gary Halbert’s 1979 ad copy for a book of the same title. Gary wrote several ads for Milburn Publishing, founded by Frank Sarcona, out of leafy Maplewood, New Jersey. One of the takeaways here is to make sure your i’s are dotted and t’s crossed before getting into weight loss advertising. Even First […]