Britney Spears Amazing Diet Pills (Weight Loss Ad #27)

Britney Spears Diet Pills 01Diet pills are something I prefer to stay as far away from as possible as a marketer. Not only are there intense regulations and oversight that varies drastically from state to state and country to country but at any moment, a law suit (or worse) can come crashing down on the promoter’s head.

I may not have the risk tolerance for it but I know several successful pill marketers who take advantage of the built in back end aspect of this product.

Anyway, the two-page-spread to the left has been going strong in the women’s magazines for the last two years.

I must say I’ve never seen anything like it.

The ad fronts a several year old British tabloid article with the headline, “Britney’s diet pills.” The photo shows her reaching for a fallen vial of pills…claimed to be that of the advertiser.

britney_spears_diet_ad_01 Certainly an unusual proof mechanism in a direct response ad — one worth millions to the diet pill producer.

Notice the yellow highlighted disclaimer. “The republication of this article is not intended to and does not constitute a commercial endorsement or approval of Zantrx-3 by Britney Spears.”

Britney Spears Diet Pills Ad 01

Britney Spears Diet Pills Ad 02


  1. Ashley Holly says

    I want to try some diet pills because i think i am too much overwieght for my age. I’m 28 and I am 186 pounds, never been that much. Need some advice on how to get rid of the FAT.

  2. jessica Gleeson says

    i was 192lbs, 23 years old height 5’3. Just about 6 months later, I NOW weigh 145lbs. I am down nearly 50 lbs…..All i did, was not eat solid food too much and dined on smoothies and energy drinks, then went to work everyday, work all day on an empty tummy, but leme tell you. NONE of my pants will stay on me. I went from size 16 down to a size 8! wow. Its not a healthy way to loose weight by having your body eat itsself. but lets get real here if you really want to lose your fat….everytime you go to eat… JUST DONT!
    -Jessica Gleeson happily lighter

  3. Kyle says

    @Ashley Holly: Ashley, as somebody who has lost 60lbs without the use of any dietary supplements, let me tell you that diets, diet pills, etc. are not effective means to reduce body fat.
    Diet pills do not require FDA testing prior to hitting the market. The FDA only has to be told about the pill, and it’s allowed to be sold. If you want to lose weight appropriately, you need to make lifestyle changes. Eat more fruits and veggies, talk a walk around the block every night, and put off fast food. You’ll shed a good bit of weight in six months just doing that alone.

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