Are all marketers liars? Sweet Sarah.

Seth Godin sold a fair number of books with the title, All Marketers Are Liars.

And these days, that’s just scratching the surface.

It seems no matter which way you turn, there’s no shortage of nefarious types willing to prey on good-natured — and often hapless — entrepreneurs trying to make it in this cut-throat world of business.

Just today, I got two calls from a bubbly little ball of goodness named “Sarah” with Webatronics.

Sweet as a scorpion, this was her message.

“Hello, this is Sarah with Webatronics.  Please call me back concerning your recent domain purchase and your web robotics subscription. My number is 888-534-6477 option 1.  I look forward to hearing from you.”

Have a listen if you like. Click on the nearly invisible button on the very left of the media player.

My, she sounds cheerful and ever so helpful, doesn’t she?

And, I register a lot of domains alright, so I’m a good mark.

You’ve heard of drunk dialing?

Well, in the old days, “drunk domain registering” was my pastime.

Funny how those brilliant bolts of inspiration at midnight seem so pathetic by the light of day next morning, reinforced by a stiff hang-over.

And if you care to buy, I’ll make you a good deal. Buenas Niches. Get it?

Back to Sarah.

The problem is I don’t know what the hell “Webatronics” is.

I’ve never heard of them till today and I neither have an account with them, nor a “web robotics” subscription. But Webatronics is an authentic, ubiquitous sounding name and that’s why good ‘ol Sarah had me for a moment.

The Russian aphorism, which became a Ronald Reagan favorite, ”trust but verify” is a good mantra to follow.

It’ll also keep you out of the clutches of the Sarahs of this world trolling for a meal.


  1. says

    Yep, I wouldn’t say all marketers are liars but there’s definitely quite a few of them!

    I live in the UK and there’s a TalkTalk scam where I keep getting friendly calls from Bob, the helpful Indian sounding gentleman from their Internet security department.

    I know it’s a scam so it can’t be compared… or can it.

    Because there are a tonne of no risk no fee lawyers that keep ringing me about my car accident that I never had too.

  2. says

    I concur with Will. I do not have an account, subscription nor any other affiliation with Webatronics, yet they call me about my subscription. Another reason to stay away. I several real estate websites touting homes for sale in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, but none of these has any connections to “Webatronics”. If people need to find me as a Military Relocation Professional, REMAX REALTOR or agent, or simply needed to find a great real estate agent in Hampton Roads they do and they have so far found me without any subscription to this Webatronics service. As Will said be wary and do your homework. A suggestion for marketers, do not give my your literally correct statement e.g. “I want to speak with you about your subscription with us” when I never had a subscription. Honesty and purpose goes a long way!

  3. Jane Sarah O'Brien Webster says

    I have just been made aware that someone @ 813-862-0357 is calling up and impersonating me and my business WebaTronics. This person is NOT ME!!! I am NOT CALLING PEOPLE SPAMMING and looking for business!!! I am now trying to track this down to figure out what I can do about this!!!

  4. Robert says

    I just got the same exact MSG for the first time.
    Fortunately I never answer the phone unless I know the caller.
    If the caller has something important to say I return their call otherwise just ignore them so I do’t talk to Sarah or IRS threatening agents – that says I must return their call or I be arrested by local cops- or other criminals like them.
    They keep calling and calling but because of lack of response eventually they go away.

    By the way I know what you mean by “drunk domain registering” . I have done that and wasted money so don’t feel too bad about it.
    Thanks for the page.

  5. Anonymous says

    I just got a call but the intro
    Was skipping…it kept same the same intro over and over again…lmao

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