50 FREE Public Domain Books in Advertising and Marketing

Fishing For SuckersWithin a few weeks, I’ll be launching a site called “Public Domain Kingdom.”

It is not something which has been revealed in any course before and has been my secret weapon for the last four years. There are literally millions of pages of content in almost all areas of human endeavor.

I’ll soon be showcasing a site that I’m flooding with dozens of professionally written articles every day in a well trafficked market using this secret source.

What I love about it is I’m by no means an expert in this category but competent enough. All I do is locate the content I want to publish, do a quick search on Google to make sure I’m not publishing duplicate conent, call my proofreading and OCR outsourcer and presto…I have original (in the search engine sense) and superbly written content on my site.

And an unlimited supply of new content waiting in the wings. Literally, a kingdom

And the beauty is I can do this over-and-over again in multiple markets. Since I can put up a SEO optimized WordPress Blog with 200 original articles for under $100, I don’t even have to be concerned about how to monetize the traffic right away. I can just create the site, check my metrics and then create a plan of action.

You know if you’ve hired article writers that you have to go through a lot of duds to get to somebody decent. Every time you contract a writer, you have to be on your guard for robotic article spinning, duplicate content and bland as watching a saguaro cactus grow content they try to pass off.

And how many articles can you cost effectively publish when you get to the $100 and above range per article that a professional writer commands?

That’s why I love the Public Domain. If you’ve cornered a money market and are a good sleuth, you can find and repackage PD content and create an endless stream of products and website content.

What’s special about “Public Domain Kingdom” is you have a perpetual green light to grab all the quality content you can handle without any vetting of copyright. And no…I wouldn’t waste my time or yours on the over touted U.S. Government PD material.

Understand, I am not a lawyer and I’m referring largely to content published in the United States before 1923, though there are bountiful sources to be easily pinpointed decades later as well.

If you’re looking to republish PD books, I’ve even found a way to triple the chances of the project being profitable.

Stephen Fishman’s excellent book on Public Domain is one of those must have books if you intend to be a player in this arena.

50 FREE Advertising Books in the Public Domain

Most of these books were written before 1923 so they belong to the Public Domain. Remember…I’m not an attorney.

On this list, you’ll find books like “Fishing for Suckers” which contains a message almost as valid today as when it was published. Since these books are presented as images, the pages need to be printed out on your printer and then scanned with OCR (optical character recognition) software if you plan to do this at home.

A better choice it to post this on one of the outsourcing sites like Elance and let an OCR specialist handle the conversion for you.

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